A one day event aims at going ‘IN' & having fun with insight, using OSHO meditation techniques. No previous knowledge & experience is required.

 For those who had never done it, this introduction to the world of OSHO have the capacity to change your life.

Mystic Rose Meditation Group

Created by OSHO in 1988, it is in his words: the next step in meditation after the Re invention of the vipasana Meditation by the Buddha 2500 years ago. Recommended to all his disciples as well as the general public.

It is a three weeks process of daily evening meeting three hours each, the first seven days we will laugh about every thing in ourselves & our life, in the second week we will cry about it, the last seven days we will watch what thoughts left in our mind from the ‘top of that hill' we had landed after this amazing cleaning/clearing process.

No Mind meditation Group

This ‘meditative therapy group' invented by OSHO use gibberish to relies the unconscious mind of its prison walls, this fun to do techniques is a magic in the making.  For seven evening we will gibberish for one hour to our hearts content. The second hour of the meeting will be in silent meditation absorbing the effect of this remarkable event.

No Mind Meditation Class  

 A one hour meeting daily consists of half an hour gibberish and half hour sitting in silent meditation.

Born Again Meditation Group

This third ‘meditative therapy group' which has been created by OSHO in 1988 is pure fun to participate, the meeting consist of two parts one hour each. For the first hour we will have that rare opportunity to explore our inner child vitality and aliveness.

In the atmosphere created by the group, this ‘child like quality' hidden from us and sometimes completely forgotten have a fresh chance to be rediscover and integral part of our daily life, it is an awakening of something so precious as to make us young at heart. Sitting in silent meditation for the second hour complete this amazing experience.

The OSHO  Humaniversity A.U.M Meditation

 Created by VEREESH dedicated & inspired by OSHO

 Is a social Meditation, build from 12 different stages & last 2.5 hours It explores our emotional & mental state by using the other as a mirror, while some stages are chaotic & interactive, some are silent – alone. It gives us the opportunity to assess our state of mind & soul, bringing clarity.

This Meditation needs no previous experience, bring light & loose cloths

Individual sessions:

Sexual counseling session

May result with a new insight into your present unsatisfied mood about your sexuality & a new practical idea how to cope with it in the future.

Couple session

       @   Clarification on your ideas about   a / your- soul mate  

@.   Life together gets tough.

@.  Small irritation overshadows the golden past.

@. Something is going on in you, which is not clear to you                                              let  alone to your partner.

@  Communication ONCE so easy- NOW almost impossible.

 This session will help to define the situation for yourself, which will make it easy to clarify and relate with your beloved

About the teacher

Born in Israel, Veda Traveled with the OSHO caravanserai for the last 25 years, he had been with OSHO while he was in his body for 11 years, at the time called ‘Poona One', in Oregon U.S.A and ‘Poona Two' when OSHO came back to live in India at the late eighties. He met Shree Nisagardata Maharaj in 1978, and attained to Krishnamurti's meditation camps in the early eighties at Sannen Switzerland.

Studing the 'Psychology of The Buddhas' He has been trained in the Art of Touch, Breath therapy, Biron Katie Work and OSHO meditative therapy: Mystic Rose, Born again & No Mind.

After his beloved master OSHO left his body in 1990, Veda lived and studied for three years in Holland at the Humaniversity under Swami Anand Veeresh & Marit Winen ( Samadhi ) guidance. He facilitated the AUM meditation at the OSHO Resort in Poona in the late nineties

For the last ten years he lives in Poona India, as Veda describes: ‘happily ever after'.

Opening to intimacy

This group will focus on our isolation patterns and fears.

We will learn to identified them & reconnect with our forgotten child like innocence when intimacy was the natural flow.

Byron Katie work' session 

The Work of Byron Katie is a revolutionary new process of inquiry that is helping people around the world to see their problems from an entirely different perspective.

It deals with any burning issues in your life, deep traumas, relationship difficulties with loved ones, family members, co-workers, etc.

With her brilliant method Byron Katie brings clarity and understanding, making change possible through awareness and responsibility. We can discover through the mirror of those around us what we haven't yet realized about ourselves.

Tarot Counseling Session

The Tarot will be used as a helping tool to unfold your issue of the moment, promoting healing through right understanding.

To contact Veda Write: veda@oshohammock.com